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(If you recently purchased an EATCS membership, but you have not yet received your new EATCS member ID, you can write 00000; we will contact you by email if we need additional information)
Note that we can only organize one shuttle and only on the date in which most people travel.
social dinner will be on Wednesday, October 11;
this is included in the fee
excursion will be on Wednesday, October 11;
this is included in the fee
Students can benefit from a fee reduction;
Student registration is available for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.


The current climate crisis requires actions from everyone to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable society. As DISC 2023 we try to do our part by measuring our climate impact, experimenting with new concepts (see DESSS) and making suggestions for future DISC editions. For more info see [add webpage]. The data you enter here will be anonymized as much as possible. Since we realize that "a distributed computing researcher from city X" can already indicate a specific person, the data will not be made public or shared with third parties. It is not mandatory to answer but we strongly encourage you to do so.

If multiple options apply, please select the mode of transport that covers the biggest part of your journey.


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